What Is an Application to Revoke in Creek County

Application to revoke in Creek County Oklahoma

Application to revoke in Creek County  is filed by the District Attorneys office in Sapulpa. An application to revoke is filed when the State believes that you’ve violated the terms of your probation.  Sometimes when a crime occurs, the court will provide the option of a suspended or a deferred sentence.  For a suspended sentence you must enter a plea of guilty to the…

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Assault and Battery Explained by Creek County Attorney

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery is a fairly common charge when it comes to crimes in Creek County.  Take for instance a September news story where a youth basketball coach faced charges of assault and battery against a referee.  The official made a call that set the coach off.  He then hit the ref with his clipboard and a scuffle ensued in which the coach ended…

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Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Comparative Negligence

Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a crime in Creek County. Its not uncommon for someone in Creek County to have an accident and leave the scene. Many times leaving the scene wasn’t done with criminal intent but non the less the District attorney in Creek County still brings the charge. Recent cases will help to inform you about the crime and how…

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Creek County Burglary Charges Explained

Creek County Burglary Charges

Creek County Burglary Charges are divided by degrees and are different depending on the degree. Some people simply see burglary as a singular crime.  This isn’t true.  Depending on the degree, whether it’s first or second, you could face a vastly different prison sentence.  In fact, between the two levels of burglary is a difference of 13 years potential prison time.  Thus, it’s important…

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Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

In Creek County Possession of a Stolen Vehicle is a felony crime. Thousands of vehicles are reported stolen in Oklahoma each year. The value of these vehicles reaches over $10M. Further, thieves often resell these vehicles. Buyer to buyer sites and magazines are often the tool for reselling these vehicles. As a result, you may purchase a vehicle that is stolen. However, sometimes you…

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Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle

Second Degree Burglary

Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle is usually more of a misunderstanding then a crime. Oklahoma has laws regarding the use of motorcycles.  However, you may not expect that unauthorized use of a motorcycle is a law.  First, the typical two-wheel motor bike is a motorcycle.  But, three-wheel motor vehicles, and motor bikes with 150 cubic cm engines are also motorcycles.  Therefore, scooters and three-wheelers…

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Attorney Explains Second Degree Murder

second degree murder

In November of 2016, a 19 year old woman received a conviction of second degree murder.  She was with two accomplices during a botched robbery. The three offenders were going to rob and steal a vehicle from another teen.  However, in the process of these felony crimes, the victim was killed.  This offense is a second degree murder charge.  However, you may wonder why? …

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Possession of Prescription Drugs

Obtaining Prescriptions by fraud

Some news outlets have been discussing “The Opioid Epidemic” lately.  This is a broad reference to the use of and illegal possession of prescription drugs.  A 2016 Oklahoma Watch report lists prescription drug abuse as a leading contributor to 59% of overdoses in the state.  This means that prescription drugs like Hydrocodone, Xanax, etc. are opiates contributing to drug abuse and on occasion death….

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Creek County Kidnapping Crimes Explained

Kidnapping Crimes Explained

Getting Kidnapping Crimes Explained to a person helps them understand the elements of the crime. Annual kidnapping crime statistics show that each year around 800,000 people are subject to kidnaps and kidnap attempts.  This is roughly over 2,000 kidnappings that occur each day.  Of these 800,000 annual kidnappings, researchers estimate that 200,000 of them are parental kidnappings.  This article will explain the legal elements…

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Stalking Crimes in Creek County

Leaving the scene of an accident

Stalking Crimes in Creek County are common and are sometimes filed as protective orders. Nearly 50% of all stalking victims face a stalker that was once an intimate partner. Unfortunately, this means that many victims share technology with their stalker at some point. As a result, the incidents of cyber stalking are increasing at a rapid rate. Take for example cell phones. These are…

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