Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Comparative Negligence

Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a crime in Creek County. Its not uncommon for someone in Creek County to have an accident and leave the scene. Many times leaving the scene wasn’t done with criminal intent but non the less the District attorney in Creek County still brings the charge.

Recent cases will help to inform you about the crime and how its charged. A Florida man recently received a ticket on leaving the scene of an accident.  He ran his Village golf cart into a parked Jeep Cherokee.  After hitting the Jeep, the man backed up and continued to a restaurant where he parked and went in to dine.  Another resident of the Village identified the man.  As a result, authorities charged him with leaving the scene of an accident and careless driving.  Leaving the scene crimes are in Creek County often much more damaging than this.

Leaving the Scene Explanation

When a Creek County accident occurs that you are a part of the “scene of an accident” automatically exists.  Therefore, leaving this scene before the appropriate parties arrive is a crime.  When you are part of the scene, you have a few legal requirements.

  1. You must first aid any person and tend to their injuries as best as possible. So you may call 911 or try to make sure the person is in a safer area.
  2. Next, you should stay on scene to provide necessary information to authorities. This information must be accurate.  It is usually names and addresses.
  3. Sometimes you may be subject to blood testing to test for alcohol levels. However, this is for relatively severe accidents usually.


Penalties for Leaving the Scene

Oklahoma views leaving the scene of an accident as a criminal offense.  As aLeaving the scene of an accident result, a gradient for punishing these crimes exists.  The more severe the injuries, then the more severe the penalties.

  1. Damage to Vehicles w/out Injury: If a scene has damage to vehicles and no injuries to a person, you will likely face misdemeanor charges.  This has a maximum penalty of 1 year in prison and fines of $500.  Further, the person whom you damage may be able to file suit against you in civil court.  Judgments in civil court can be extremely costly.
  2. Non-Fatal Injuries to a Person: You can face felony charges for leaving the scene of an accident in which a person has injuries.  Your possible prison time and fines will double to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment and $1,000 fines.  Further, the court may revoke your license.
  3. Fatalities: If you leave the scene of an accident where a person dies, you are subject to felony charges.  Additionally, you face 10 years imprisonment and fines reaching $10,000, plus revocation of your license.

Let Our Creek County Attorneys Help

Facing charges of leaving a scene can be devastating depending on the circumstances.  We understand that sometimes the shock of an accident will lead to snap decisions.  If you face charges on leaving the scene of an accident, call our offices.  Our attorneys have years of experience in defending clients just like you.  Your first consultation is free. Call us today.