What Are The Steps To Defend Against A Fake Protective Order In Creek County

Fake Protective Order

In Creek County there are specific steps you can take to defend yourself from a fake protective order. In Oklahoma, protective orders serve as vital legal tools to protect individuals from domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and other forms of abuse. However, there are instances where protective orders may be sought under false pretenses. The circumstances involving bogus protective orders can involve child custody cases, […]

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You Can Fight A DUI Based On A Breathalyzer In Creek County

DUI Based On A Breathalyzer

If you want to fight a DUI based on a breathalyzer test result, there are several steps you can take. The most common evidence the Police use to arrest you on a DUI charge is the breathalyzer test. Along with this test they will observe your behavior and perhaps administer a field sobriety exam. When administered absolutely correctly the breathalyzer is a somewhat reliable […]

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When Should You File a Probate in Creek County

File A Probate In Creek County

Knowing whether you should file a probate in Creek County can be tricky. According to Oklahoma law, the necessity of filing probate depends on the type of property that administers upon death. Solid estate planning can help save estate money and simplify the transfer of property when a person dies. This happens by utilizing probate avoidance tools that are fairly straightforward and simple to […]

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Handling A Bench Warrant For Failure to Pay in Creek County

Bench Warrant For Failure to Pay

Handling a bench warrant for failure to pay in Creek County can be a difficult task for most people facing one. In Oklahoma, when someone doesn’t fulfill their financial obligations from a criminal case, such as fines and costs, a judge may issue a bench warrant for their arrest. This type of warrant can also arise in civil cases due to non-payment as mandated […]

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Sole Child Custody in Creek County and How Do I Get It

Sole custody

Sole child custody in Creek County involves the situation where one parent acts as the primary decision maker for the children of the parents involved in the case. Child custody cases are most common in divorce or paternity cases. Sometimes the parents can agree on what type of custody they want. If this is the what’s going on in your case the matter will […]

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What Is an Application to Revoke in Creek County

Application to revoke in Creek County Oklahoma

Application to revoke in Creek County  is filed by the District Attorneys office in Sapulpa. An application to revoke is filed when the State believes that you’ve violated the terms of your probation.  Sometimes when a crime occurs, the court will provide the option of a suspended or a deferred sentence.  For a suspended sentence you must enter a plea of guilty to the […]

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Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles

Failure to yield to emergency vehicle in Creek County

The failure to yield to emergency vehicles is a costly mistake in Creek County. A Keaton, Ohio EMT is dead and another is fighting critical injuries after a vehicle collided with an ambulance.  The ambulance, with lights and sirens on, was broad-sided by a vehicle which was a failure to yield on part of the civilian driver.  The driver of the ambulance died at […]

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Assault and Battery Explained by Creek County Attorney

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery is a fairly common charge when it comes to crimes in Creek County.  Take for instance a September news story where a youth basketball coach faced charges of assault and battery against a referee.  The official made a call that set the coach off.  He then hit the ref with his clipboard and a scuffle ensued in which the coach ended […]

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Harboring a Fugitive in Creek County

harboring a fugitive

Harboring a Fugitive in Creek County is a common crime. It’s an obvious thought to many people that helping a loved one or family member run from the law is a normal reaction.  Unfortunately, this is also against the law.  Take for instance the recent story from Morganton, NC.  A man left a gas station without paying for his gas.  The station attendant described […]

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Interfering With an Emergency Call

Interfering with an emergency call

Interfering with an Emergency call in Creek County is a misdemeanor crime. An example of the charge is a case where a Connecticut mother and son recently faced arrest on domestic dispute charges.  The mother discovered the son stealing items from the rooms of family members during a family gathering.  Upon this discovery she attempted to call 911.  The son—noticing her calling—threw a perfume […]

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