What Is the Best Kind of Child Custody for My Kids in Creek County

Best Kind Of Child Custody

Deciding the best kind of child custody arrangement is important when going through a divorce or separation in Creek County. Many parents will have differing needs from other parents. This makes understanding the different types of custody and how each can benefit your children so important to making your final decision. Additionally, seeking legal counsel for the process can help make everything run smoother. […]

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What Makes a Parent Unfit in a Creek County Custody Case

Unfit Parent

Determining what makes an unfit parent revolves around many variables. The biggest indicator though is their inability to provide a safe and stable environment for the child. In family law, particularly in child custody cases, the determination of parental fitness is a critical factor. This is what the courts will consider to help ensure the welfare of the child. However, it’s important to know […]

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What Exactly is The Best Interest of the Child in Family Court

Best Interest Of The Child

“Best interest of the child” serves as the biggest consideration in decisions regarding custody, visitation, and other aspects of a child’s welfare. This principle ensures that the child’s health, safety, and welfare are of the highest importance in all legal proceedings affecting them. Above all else, the Oklahoma court system prioritizes the needs of children. Here, we’ll discuss what counts as the best interest […]

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What Are The Steps To Defend Against A Fake Protective Order In Creek County

Fake Protective Order

In Creek County there are specific steps you can take to defend yourself from a fake protective order. In Oklahoma, protective orders serve as vital legal tools to protect individuals from domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and other forms of abuse. However, there are instances where protective orders may be sought under false pretenses. The circumstances involving bogus protective orders can involve child custody cases, […]

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Who Keeps The Engagement Ring In Divorce Cases in Creek County?

Engagement Ring In Divorce

The question of who keeps the engagement ring in divorce can be a puzzling one. Navigating a divorce in Oklahoma is more often than not intricate, particularly with regards to the division of assets and property. Among some of the frequent questions are whether one should return the engagement ring or if one party has entitlement to retain it. The following article provides some […]

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Sole Child Custody in Creek County and How Do I Get It

Sole custody

Sole child custody in Creek County involves the situation where one parent acts as the primary decision maker for the children of the parents involved in the case. Child custody cases are most common in divorce or paternity cases. Sometimes the parents can agree on what type of custody they want. If this is the what’s going on in your case the matter will […]

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Moving a Child After Creek County Custody Order

Moving a Child After Creek County Custody

Moving a Child After Creek County Custody order is in place isn’t always simple. After a divorce or paternity case occurs a parent will often have opportunities that require them to leave the state.  Where does this leave custody agreements?  Relocating with a child after a divorce or paternity determination can be a tricky process.  The court will consider several different factors when looking […]

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Child Support Calculation in Oklahoma

Child Support Calculation

Our clients going through custody battles and divorces involving children, commonly ask us about child support and how it calculates.  Child support calculation depends on a number of factors.  This article will walk through the basic process of child support calculation or child support modification and how it will affect you. Oklahoma Child Support Laws The Oklahoma Statutes governing child support are under Title […]

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Prenatal Paternity Testing and Child Custody

Prenatal Paternity Testing

In rare cases a court may allow a potential father to request a prenatal paternity test.  An example of one case is if a potential father does not believe he is the father of his wife’s child and wants to finalize a divorce.  This is simply because courts generally do not allow a divorce until after a child is born if the woman is […]

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Parental Preferance in Child Custody

Child Support Calculation

Parental Preferance in Child Custody is a common concern for parents in child custody cases. Many people try to avoid custody battles in fear that one parent will be preferred over another due to gender or financial status.  While this may appear to play a role in custody awards, this is not as prevalent as it was in the past.  Any fit parent genuinely […]

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