Creek County Common Law Marriage

Child Support Calculation

Creek County Common Law marriage occurs on a regular basis.  In fact, the recognition of common law marriages has been held for over 100 years by the state courts.  There are some legal ramifications to common law marriages.  For instance, you may be in one and not even know it.  Read on to learn more. Creek County Common Law Marriage To understand if you […]

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Emergency Custody Orders

Emergency custody orders in Creek County Family Court are a big part of the courts daily business. A Delaware County woman and her estranged husband are facing numerous charges in child abuse, child endangerment, neglect, and more.  DHS workers are also facing federal lawsuits over the situation, allegedly warning the woman and her husband about DHS interviews and visits beforehand.  The abuse includes forcing […]

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Length of Divorce Process in Oklahoma

Creek County Divorce Process

The Length of Divorce Process in Oklahoma depends on many different factors. When visiting with our Creek County family law attorneys about a divorce, many clients want a firm answer on the length of divorce process in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, this answer will vary depending on certain circumstances, but there are general amounts of time for common situations. Read on to know about the divorce […]

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