Creek County Common Law Marriage

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Creek County Common Law marriage occurs on a regular basis.  In fact, the recognition of common law marriages has been held for over 100 years by the state courts.  There are some legal ramifications to common law marriages.  For instance, you may be in one and not even know it.  Read on to learn more.

Creek County Common Law Marriage

To understand if you are in a common law marriage or not, you need to look for these things:

  1. Do you live with your significant other? It is common for a couple to live together.  This could be in an apartment, house, or other type of living space.  Further, while living together couples will often share the responsibilities of paying rent, utility bills, etc.  As a result, some couplesCreek County Common Law Marriage will have a joint bank account.
  2. Do people in the community think you are married? If people believe you are married, then you have the reputation of a married couple.  These can be people who are neighbors, co-workers, or other acquaintances.  This can significantly tip the scales toward you being in a common law marriage.
  3. Have you and your partner stated intentions of marriage? Sometimes couples who live together have been in a long-term engagement.  Other times the couples have told outsiders about their intentions to marry “eventually” or call each other “husband” or “wife”.  These all speak to intentions of marriage.

Common Law Spouses Have Legal Rights

Creek County Common Law marriage matters because it can provide you with certain rights.  For one, you will receive similar rights to an officially married couple.  These may be inheritance rights, medical benefits, and more.  However, if the marriage does not last then you also face a legal divorce.  This means you may receive or pay alimony and child support.  Plus, you will be subject to property division under the law.

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