Length of Divorce Process in Oklahoma

Creek County Divorce Process

The Length of Divorce Process in Oklahoma depends on many different factors. When visiting with our Creek County family law attorneys about a divorce, many clients want a firm answer on the length of divorce process in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, this answer will vary depending on certain circumstances, but there are general amounts of time for common situations. Read on to know about the divorce process in Creek County and what you can expect depending on your situation.

Types of Divorce

Divorce falls into a few different categories.  However, the main two are uncontested and contested.  An uncontested divorce is one where all term are agreed upon by the parties before filing.  A contested divorce though, will likely require meditation and court appearances before settling the terms.

Length of Divorce for Uncontested Filings

An uncontested divorce is the quickest way to file.  Again, both parties are in agreement to the terms of divorce and there are no minor children.  Therefore, there is no dispute on dividing up martial assets or finances.  This means the decree is ready for signature.  The entire legal process can be as short as a 10 day length of divorce.

Length of Divorce for Uncontested Filings with Children

Uncontested divorces are still possible for couples who have minor children.  You can file your paperwork and follow generally the same steps.  However, the 10 day length of divorce will now be a 90 day length of divorce.  This means you will wait approximately 3 months before the divorces is complete.

Length of Divorce Process in Oklahoma for Contested Filings

When you are filing in a contested divorce, you and your separating partner cannot agree to the terms.  Common disagreements arise in custody,Length of divorce process in Oklahoma financial support, and dividing property.  These generally require mediation or a court to finalize the terms of the divorce.

As a result, contested filings may take months or years in the length of divorce.  Parties will begin the legal process with “discovery” of all assets.  So you must disclose bank accounts, property titles, and all other assets.  Usually two rounds of discovery occur before the final court appearance.  After this, a trial occurs.

Divorce Attorneys in Your Corner

Our Creek County Divorce Attorneys can answer your questions regarding the length of divorce process in Oklahoma and make sure that you are fighting for the important outcomes.  We have represented countless divorcing clients in both the most amicable and most controversial divorces.  Your first consultation is free.  Let us help you fight for your rights as an individual. Call and ask us your legal questions at 918.209.3709