Child Support Modifications in Creek County

Child Support Modifications

In Creek County Family Court Child support modifications are undertaken on a daily basis. Child support is generally a court order that will span several years.  As a result, it is likely you will experience income fluctuations during this time.  These fluctuations may be a promotion, a demotion, or any other type of job changes.  To modify child support, you will need to file a child support modifications with the family court in Creek County.  It is illegal to work out a child support change with your ex-outside of the courts.

Grounds to Modify Child Support

Oklahoma’s DHS regulates child support in the state.  So, in order to modify you must have a valid reason.  DHS recognizes several:

  1. Medical needs change for the child.
  2. One parent becomes permanently disabled.
  3. The child reaches 18 years old; OR
  4. A job change significantly alters the income of one parent.

Note: A job change will not always mean child support increases.  If a parent paying support becomes disabled or receives a termination, then child support will decrease.

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Process Child Support Modifications

To modify child support, you have some options.  First you can simply hire an attorney to take care of the process for you.  However, if you choose toChild Support Modifications apply for a modification alone, then there are some steps:

  1. Fill out the appropriate court papers. Your court clerk should know which forms are necessary.
  2. File the papers with the court clerk in the child’s home county.
  3. Wait for a modification hearing or mediation date to set.
  4. Carry out the court orders resulting from the hearing or modification process.

If you are looking for the forms, you can find them on the DHS website.  This also provides a request packet for Pro Se mediation.

Creek County Child Support Attorneys

Our family law attorneys have experience fighting to achieve rightful child support amounts for hundreds of clients.  It’s important that your child receive the support they deserve and that you are paying an amount that reflects the situation.  Calculation of child support in Oklahoma requires that the child support computation considers the whole situation. Also, its important that you understand that child support modifications don’t modify support backwards only going forward. With this in mind get it done now and get the help of a Creek County child support attorney. Call today for help 918.209.3709.