Sole Child Custody in Creek County and How Do I Get It

Sole custody

Sole child custody in Creek County involves the situation where one parent acts as the primary decision maker for the children of the parents involved in the case. Child custody cases are most common in divorce or paternity cases. Sometimes the parents can agree on what type of custody they want. If this is the what’s going on in your case the matter will […]

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Explaining Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Creek County

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Creek County is the most popular form of bankruptcy filed in the State. When people talk about bankruptcy all sorts of confusion and differences of opinion come into play. Bankruptcy really isn’t that confusing. Dealing with debt collectors on the other hand is. In times of economic hardship bankruptcy is a great chance for people to rebuild their financial […]

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How To Increase Your Credit Credit Score

Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines

Believe it or not bankruptcy together with some other smart moves can Increase Your Credit Score. Everyone wants good credit and for good reason. To get a credit card, a loan or good interest rates on loans you must have good credit.  Bad marks on your credit report are negative reminders of your past financial mistakes. If you have negative comments on your credit […]

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Holographic Wills in Oklahoma

Holographic Wills

Recognizing that everyone will eventually pass on is part of life.  While some people take the time and effort to make a will through an attorney, others do not.  However, there are other forms of last wills and testaments that can be valid in a court setting.  These are holographic wills.  Oklahoma is a state that gives legal validity to holographic wills.  However, certain […]

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Nursing Home Negligence in Creek County

Failure to yield to emergency vehicle in Creek County

Recently, In Oklahoma, a woman died while in the care of a nursing home. The original injury occurred after staff dropped her during physical therapy. The nursing aides refused to believe the elderly woman when she claimed to have broken her femur bone during her therapy. Adding to the neglect caused in dropping her the Nursing Home failed to treat the broken femur for […]

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Deferred Sentence vs. Suspended Sentence in Creek County

After you receive a criminal conviction you will have a sentencing hearing.  Depending on the crime, you may be eligible for either a deferred sentence or a suspended sentence.  There are few differences between these sentences, but they are important.  This article will summarize them for you. Deferred Sentence Title 22 is Oklahoma’s criminal procedure section.  Under §991c it describes a deferred sentence.  If […]

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Homicide Charges in Creek County

Obtaining Prescriptions by fraud

Homicide Charges in Creek County are some of the more serious crimes and could land someone in prison. Of the over 17,600 violent crimes in Oklahoma during 2017, over 240 of them were a homicide.  This is above the average national rates per state.  As a result, more people are facing charges on this crime and awaiting trial or sentencing.  This article will explain […]

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Expungement of Juvenile Records in Creek County

Expunging Criminal Records

The expungement of juvenile records is much the same as sealing an adult criminal record in Creek County. Nationally, over 10% of violent crimes in the nation are perpetrated by minors and people under the age of 18.  Further, in the state of Oklahoma, a 2015 OSBI report shows that 13,500 juvenile arrests occurred for that year.  Many youth make mistakes early in life.  […]

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Stalking Crimes in Creek County

Leaving the scene of an accident

Stalking Crimes in Creek County are common and are sometimes filed as protective orders. Nearly 50% of all stalking victims face a stalker that was once an intimate partner. Unfortunately, this means that many victims share technology with their stalker at some point. As a result, the incidents of cyber stalking are increasing at a rapid rate. Take for example cell phones. These are […]

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Child Support Modifications in Creek County

Child Support Modifications

In Creek County Family Court Child support modifications are undertaken on a daily basis. Child support is generally a court order that will span several years.  As a result, it is likely you will experience income fluctuations during this time.  These fluctuations may be a promotion, a demotion, or any other type of job changes.  To modify child support, you will need to file […]

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