Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

In Creek County Possession of a Stolen Vehicle is a felony crime. Thousands of vehicles are reported stolen in Oklahoma each year. The value of these vehicles reaches over $10M. Further, thieves often resell these vehicles. Buyer to buyer sites and magazines are often the tool for reselling these vehicles. As a result, you may purchase a vehicle that is stolen. However, sometimes you can suspect the origin of the vehicle and still purchase it. We highly recommend you do not do this if you suspect the vehicle is stolen.

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle Statutes

Oklahoma statutes make possession of a stolen vehicle a criminal offense.Possession of a Stolen Vehicle Title 47 provides the elements of the crime under §4-103. First you must be in possession of the vehicle. This could mean you are exclusively driving the vehicle or you have control of it. Next you must suspect or have some knowledge that the vehicle is stolen. Finally, you must not have any legal grounds to have the vehicle. So you must not have a valid title.

Legal Consequences of Possessing a Stolen Vehicle

Possession of a stolen vehicle is a felony offense in Oklahoma. The penalties of possessing a stolen vehicle may result in up to five years imprisonment. Further, it can lead to fines reaching $5,000 also. Felony convictions are a serious matter. They not only follow you through a lifetime, but they will cause problems in your career. Many companies refuse to hire felons, which is ok under the law. Other issues could be eligibility for housing and even the ability to own or possess any type of firearm. As you can see, these are steep consequences.


Creek County Attorneys Can Help

This situation could cost you big. Don’t go down without a fight. Our attorneys have years of experience defending people from crimes like this. We understand that one bad decision shouldn’t be the end all to a successful future. Your first consultation with our Sapulpa Oklahoma criminal defense attorney is free.