Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle

Second Degree Burglary

Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle is usually more of a misunderstanding then a crime. Oklahoma has laws regarding the use of motorcycles.  However, you may not expect that unauthorized use of a motorcycle is a law.  First, the typical two-wheel motor bike is a motorcycle.  But, three-wheel motor vehicles, and motor bikes with 150 cubic cm engines are also motorcycles.  Therefore, scooters and three-wheelers fall under this statute.  This article will explain unauthorized use of a motorcycle and the legal penalties.

Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle Statutes

Oklahoma’s Title 47 §4-102 provides the factors of unauthorized use.  ForUnauthorized Use of a Motorcycle you to face conviction on  these charges, the DA must prove:

–  You did not legally own the motorcycle;

–  The driver did not give you permission or specifically denies you permission to use it;

–  You decide to use the motorcycle anyway; AND

–  You actually use the motorcycle by driving or taking it.

This is almost the same thing that a DA must prove when it comes to full size vehicles as well.  Sometimes when two or more people share vehicles, it is difficult to prove unauthorized use.  For example, one person may give permission and another person deny permission.  So is it unauthorized use?


Unauthorized Use Legal Consequences

Title 47 §17-102 provides the punishment for unauthorized use of a motorcycle.  The act is a felony crime.  For this particular crime, you face a prison sentence between 1 to 5 years.  You can also face fines ranging from $500 to $5,000.  If you are driving with a license that is under suspension or revocation, then you will face double fines.  This could reach a whopping $10,000.

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