Fighting Creek County Robbery Charges

Creek County Robbery Charges

Fighting Creek County Robbery Charges requires a skillful and aggressive criminal defense law firm. Oklahoma Sooners true freshman Cornerback is serving an indefinite suspension after receiving charges on a string of robberies.  Parrish Cobb turned himself in.  As a result, he is currently being held on three counts of robbery in Waco, and may be charged with more.   Cobb is 19 years old.  This is a serious charge.  If convicted, Cobb could serve significant time in prison.  Further, he could lose his chance at an education or even a football career.  If you or a loved one faces robbery charges, read on to understand more and also how we can help.

Proving Robbery and Its Elements:

First we need to define “Creek County Robbery Charges”.  Oklahoma statutes say it is “a wrongful taking” of another person’s property or possession “against his will” by using “force or fear”.  This means the State must show a list of things to get a conviction:

  1. Someone’s property was taken
  2. without his consent
  3. against his will
  4. through using fear or physically forcing it.

If the State has a solid chance of showing these elements in court, then you are likely facing charges of robbery.  These penalties may vary and can be harsh.

Punishment For Creek County Robbery Charges:

Oklahoma distinguishes Creek County robbery charges in five separate classes.  Creek County Robbery ChargesThese are first degree, second degree, conjoint, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon.  No matter which classification your charges fall under, you face a felony.  Further, felonies remain on your permanent record.  They also come with various jail sentences and fines around $1,000 or more.

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Our Sapupla Criminal Defense Attorneys We Can Help You:

Felony convictions are not a joke.  Our Sapulpa criminal defense attorneys understand whats at stake if a conviction occurs.  So let us help you avoid such a harsh conviction.  Our first consultation is free.  We can learn about your case then develop a strategy based on your specific circumstances.  Call us now so we can begin helping you immediately.