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Expunging Criminal Records in Oklahoma is a big step towards putting the past behind you.  Having a criminal record can negatively impact many opportunities for employment and professional advancement, as well as sometimes in custody battles too.  Many people who commit crimes and serve their sentence or probation, then find expunging criminal records in Creek County to be an opportunity to start fresh.  Read on to understand how we can help you.

Oklahoma Expungement Laws:

The definition of expungement is in Okla. Stat. tit. 22 Ch. 1, § 18.  It states, “…the sealing of criminal records, as well as any public civil record, involving actions brought by and against the State of Oklahoma arising from the same arrest…”.  In order to be eligible for expunging criminal records, you must be in one of the following categories:

–  you received an acquittal or reversal of your Oklahoma criminal charge;

–  DNA evidence exonerates you;

– you receive a pardon from the Governor or were under 18 during the crime;

– no charges were filed against you for the crime;

– you have a misdemeanor charge and 1 year has passed without any charges;

–  all charges were dismissed (not deferred) and you don’t have other felonies;

– you have paid fines no more than $500 and have no felonies;

– you have a nonviolent felony charge and 5 years have passed without any new charges or have received a full pardon, have had a no misdemeanors in the last 15 years, and the offense occurred 10 years ago or more;

–  Another person uses your name to commit crimes in your name.

If you fall into one of these categories then an Application of Expungement must file with the Court Clerk in the county of the charges.  These categories are tedious and have many nuances that an attorney can clarify for you.Expunging Criminal Records

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Help Expunging Criminal Records in Creek County:

Our Sapulpa attorneys want to walk with you through the steps of expunging your criminal records.  Further, you will receive numerous benefits from expungement.  The most obvious advantage of sealing your criminal records, is that you can answer the question, “have you been convicted of a crime” with a truthful NO. Let us help restore you credibility.  Call us now for a free consultation or find more information on our Creek County law blog.