How Do I Get Alimony In a Divorce in Creek County?

Do I Get Alimony

A lot of people facing divorce may ask themselves: Do I get alimony? Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is a financial payment. This will be made by one spouse to the other following a divorce or legal separation. In Oklahoma, knowing if you get alimony involves understanding the legal criteria and process the court uses to determine eligibility and amount. Here, […]

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What Is Domestic Assault by Strangulation and What is The Punishment in Creek County

Domestic Assault By Strangulation

Domestic assault by strangulation is a serious offense under Oklahoma law, and Creek County is no exception when it comes to prosecuting this crime. By knowing exactly what these charges mean, you’ll best be able to navigate the process. Here, we’ll discuss not only what they mean, but the potential consequences and some possible defenses. Legal Elements of Domestic Assault by Strangulation Domestic assault […]

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How Do I Solve a Property Line Dispute in Creek County

Property Line Disputes

Property line disputes are a common issue among landowners. As such, it can cause both tension and legal challenges for frustrated neighbors. In Creek County, attempting to resolve these disputes requires all parties understanding their rights and responsibilities. Further, knowing what legal action is needed to be able to enforce property boundaries. Here, we’ll discuss what you need to know as well as when […]

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Can I File Bankruptcy on Repossessions in Creek County

Bankruptcy Due To Repossessions

Filing for bankruptcy due to repossessions is a major decision. These once secured debts can affect various aspects of your financial life. In Creek County, those who are facing repossession often consider bankruptcy to manage or eliminate their debts. In especially large sums, it can be the only answer for some people’s financial hardships. Here, we’ll discuss whether you can file bankruptcy on repossessions […]

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What Is the Best Kind of Child Custody for My Kids in Creek County

Best Kind Of Child Custody

Deciding the best kind of child custody arrangement is important when going through a divorce or separation in Creek County. Many parents will have differing needs from other parents. This makes understanding the different types of custody and how each can benefit your children so important to making your final decision. Additionally, seeking legal counsel for the process can help make everything run smoother. […]

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What Makes a Parent Unfit in a Creek County Custody Case

Unfit Parent

Determining what makes an unfit parent revolves around many variables. The biggest indicator though is their inability to provide a safe and stable environment for the child. In family law, particularly in child custody cases, the determination of parental fitness is a critical factor. This is what the courts will consider to help ensure the welfare of the child. However, it’s important to know […]

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What Exactly is The Best Interest of the Child in Family Court

Best Interest Of The Child

“Best interest of the child” serves as the biggest consideration in decisions regarding custody, visitation, and other aspects of a child’s welfare. This principle ensures that the child’s health, safety, and welfare are of the highest importance in all legal proceedings affecting them. Above all else, the Oklahoma court system prioritizes the needs of children. Here, we’ll discuss what counts as the best interest […]

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Partial Disability: Temporary or Permanent?

partial disability

Partial disability is a state in which you are no longer able to perform the physical tasks you used to. However, you are still able to function and perform other tasks the job may require. Approximately $2.3M to $2.4M goes to partially disabled employees each year in Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation claims. As you can see, this is a significant amount of money in awards. Understanding […]

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Fighting Second Degree Burglary Charges in Creek County

Second Degree Burglary Charges

Second Degree Burglary Charges in Creek County are felony crimes. This means that a conviction for this kind of charge carries potentially significant jail time along with hefty fines and costs. The crime is pervasive in Oklahoma and in Creek County the Police focus on crimes like this. An example of a second degree burglary crime is copper theft. It is estimated that copper […]

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Handling A Bench Warrant For Failure to Pay in Creek County

Bench Warrant For Failure to Pay

Handling a bench warrant for failure to pay in Creek County can be a difficult task for most people facing one. In Oklahoma, when someone doesn’t fulfill their financial obligations from a criminal case, such as fines and costs, a judge may issue a bench warrant for their arrest. This type of warrant can also arise in civil cases due to non-payment as mandated […]

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