Fighting Firearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County

Reckless Handling of Firearms in Creek County

Firearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County is a crime that could land you in jail. Oklahoma supports the right of gun and firearm possession.  It even has state constitutional provisions that address this issue.  Article 2, § 26 sets outFirearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County the right to bear arms and that this right “shall never be prohibited.”  However, the provision goes on to give the legislature regulation powers over gun and firearms.  It states, “nothing herein contained shall prevent the legislature” from the regulation of firearms and weapons.  This therefore, makes it legal for the government to deny firearm rights to people with felony charges on their records. This applies to Firearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County.

Firearm Possession Laws in Oklahoma

As many people are aware, convicted felons are denied the right to carry or own firearms.  This is under Okla. Stat. Tit. 21 § 1283.  These prohibitions include:  keeping a firearm in the home of a convicted felon and/or a felon being the driver or passenger in a vehicle that contains a firearm.  Further, firearms do not only have to be guns.  Here is a list to illustrate what this includes:

–  Pistols (regular, altered)

–  Shotguns (sawed off)

–  Rifles

–  or any weapon that uses gun powder to discharge.

If you have a single felony conviction and it is of a non-violent nature, you may be able to petition to restore your firearm possession rights.   We highly encourage you petition for your rights, instead of simply getting a gun and attempting to conceal it from authorities.

Consequences for Firearm Possession by Felons:

The consequences are steep if you are charged with Firearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County.  You are looking at a 1-10 years sentence depending on the seriousness of past felonies.  This is also a second felony.  However, anyone who helps you attain a firearm is also facing penalties.  They can have a fines reaching $5,000 and their personal handgun license may be revoked.

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