What Is an Application to Revoke in Creek County

Application to revoke in Creek County Oklahoma

Application to revoke in Creek County  is filed by the District Attorneys office in Sapulpa. An application to revoke is filed when the State believes that you’ve violated the terms of your probation.  Sometimes when a crime occurs, the court will provide the option of a suspended or a deferred sentence.  For a suspended sentence you must enter a plea of guilty to the crime.  The court will then provide you with a list of things to complete before a certain date.  If you do not complete these tasks, then authorities can arrest you and send you to prison.  This can only occur after the DA files an Application to Revoke against you.

Explaining an Application to RevokeApplication to Revoke in Creek County

For an Application to Revoke in Creek County to be valid, it must filed by the District Attorney’s office.  The DA will state that you did not complete the requirements of your suspended sentence.  This will be in the court which you receive the original sentence.  Further, the DA will provide documentation and proof that you fail to complete the requirements.  As a result, you are in violation of the sentence.  This means that your original sentence reinstates and your face the original charges before the court allowed a suspension.  If the DA does not file the Application to Revoke, you do not have a problem.

Legal Process of an Application to Revoke

The process for an Application to Revoke is rather simple. First, the DA files the application in the court where sentencing occurred.  A judge will then look over the application.  If the application is valid, then the judge issues an order to revoke the suspended sentence.  At this point a hearing will set.  Hearings generally occur within two to three weeks after the not guilty plea enters.  During the hearing, your sentence will revoke if the DA provides convincing proof that you did not complete your suspension requirements.  Therefore, the original sentence reinstates and you must serve the sentence.


Revocation Attorneys in Creek County

If you find that an Application to Revoke is filing against you, call our offices.  The Creek County criminal defense attorneys at Kania Law Office have defended thousands of cases like yours. Sometimes a probation violation is simple technical violation that can be remedied. Other times it may be more serious and land you in jail. In either case it must be taken serious as it doesn’t just go away. We can help you through this uncomfortable situation.  Our first consultation is free. In Creek County call 918.209-3709