Deferred Sentence vs. Suspended Sentence in Creek County

After you receive a criminal conviction you will have a sentencing hearing.  Depending on the crime, you may be eligible for either a deferred sentence or a suspended sentence.  There are few differences between these sentences, but they are important.  This article will summarize them for you.

Deferred Sentence

Title 22 is Oklahoma’s criminal procedure section.  Under §991c it describes a deferred sentence.  If you are eligible for a deferred sentence, you must enter a plea of guilty or no contest to the charges.  At this point the judge will instate the sentence.  You will receive a series of tasks that must be completed by a certain date.  By law, this date cannot be more than ten years from the time of the sentencing.  If you complete all the court’s assignments, then you will appear at court again.  This is to provide proof of your completion.  All record of the crime will wipe from your record and you will be free to go. However, if you fail to satisfactorily finish these tasks, the judge will accept your plea of guilty.  Consequently, you will serve theDeferred sentence original sentence and the crime will be on your record.

Some of the more common tasks under a sentence deferment are:

  1. Community Service
  2. A shortened jail sentence (90 days maximum)
  3. Paying court costs and fees
  4. Reimbursing any victims of the crime
  5. Possible supervision (2 years maximum)

Suspended Sentence

Again, in a suspended sentence you will follow all the same steps.  You will enter a plea of guilty or no contest and the court will give you a set of assignments to complete.  If you complete the assignments, then you will be free to go.  The main difference is that you do not receive an expungement automatically.  You must actively pursue one by filling out paperwork and applying with the court.


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