Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines in Creek County

Criminal Appeals in Creek County

Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines in connection with a criminal case can land you in jail.  In the world of court costs and fines, the term “revolving door” is familiar to many people.  It goes like this:  You receive a speeding ticket, or worse you go to jail and receive a hefty fine.  While you may not or no longer be in prison, you are still responsible for those fees.  So, if you fail to pay, or cannot due to lack of employment or other circumstances, a warrant issues for your arrest.  Failure to Pay Court Costs and FinesThis will result in additional court costs and fines—which you likely cannot pay either.  Therefore, the cycle continues.  This will result in difficulty in maintaining a good job making it virtually impossible to pay increasing fines.  If you find yourself in this cycle, read on to see how we can help you.

Oklahoma Procedures

Under Oklahoma Law, Criminal Procedure Title 22 Ch. 18 § 8 you can find the guidelines regarding court costs and payment.  These are Rule 8.2 and also Rules 8.4-8.6.  In a nutshell, these state:

–  neglecting or purposefully not pay fines can result in going to prison

–  poverty and disability concerns may result in a dismissal by the court

–  you may request an extension from the court if you have financial issues

However, if you simply refuse to pay or fail to appear in court to request an extension, you are subject to immediate imprisonment at the discretion of the court based in your failure to pay Court costs and fines.

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We Can Help You For Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines

Finding yourself in this “revolving door” of court fines and costs is a difficult cycle to break.  If you are in this situation, call our offices.  Increasing debts are not easy to handle alone, especially if you are repeatedly jailed in the process.  Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients break this cycle and move forward with their lives.  Our first consultation is free, so if you want to see if we can help it will not cost you any extra money initially.