False Impersonation Charges in Creek County

False Impersonation charges

False Impersonation Charges in Creek County can be charged as a felony. Most people think about false impersonation as a type of identity theft by strangers.  However, this is not always the case.  Take for instance you sign a contract for your spouse.  If the contract comes into legal question and the signature on the form is not your spouse’s, but you signing for them then you may be in trouble with false impersonation.

Things like this that seems harmless are sometimes the most problematic when it comes to this crime.  Other, more obvious crimes, include lying to an officer about your name, lying on a marriage certificate, or using another person’s name to escape legal liability. This type of criminal conviction could end up with a deferred sentence or jail time depending on the facts

False Impersonation and the Legal Elements

In order for the State to convict you in a false impersonation case, they must be able to prove a set of occurrences.  Without these elements, you may not face a conviction even if you are charged.

  1. You must pretend to be the person you are impersonating either by conduct or name or both.
  2. The false impersonation must be intentional. So, you must want others to think you are actually the person you are impersonating.
  3. The victim of the impersonation, or the person you are impersonating, must become legally liable for something or you must receive some type of benefit by impersonating the person.

The third element may be somewhat confusing.  So, let us explain it.  For instance, say you are driving with a suspended driver’s license and an officer pulls you over for speeding.  In order to try and get out of the penalties for driving on suspension, you offer the officer the name of your brother.  This is false impersonation.  You are attempting to benefit by not providing your actual name while putting your brother under legal liability of fines for a speeding ticket.


Punishments for Falsely Impersonating Another

Oklahoma law labels false impersonation charges as a felony offense.  Depending on the severity of the impersonation and the damage caused to the victim, you could face up to 10 years in jail.  You may also be subject to any financial reparations to the victim.  This conviction will remain on your permanent record, making it difficult to maintain gainful employment. Expunging the record will also be more difficult

Creek County Criminal Attorneys

False Impersonation Charges can be difficult to face. Let our criminal defense attorneys help you.  The split decision to use a different name or sign a paper for another shouldn’t put you in danger of having a felony on your record for life.  Our first consultation is free so you can feel comfortable with our abilities to handle your situation with care.  Call today or click and ask a Creek County Attorney question