Creek County Nursing Home Abuse and The Law

Nursing Home Negligence

Our Sapulpa injury attorneys have helped clients with Creek County Nursing Home Abuse cases. Nearly 1.4M people live in nursing homes across the United States.  As the Baby Boomer generation ages, this number will likely increase.  Further, hospitals and emergency rooms often receive patients with signs of physical and even sexual abuse from their nursing home facilities.  In nearly 30% of the cases where ER doctors discover abuse, there is no record of the abuse with the nursing home.  As a result, hundreds of nursing home abuse cases are unreported.  This allows the abuse to continue indefinitely without holding abuser to account for their crimes.

When You Suspect Creek County Nursing Home Abuse

In Oklahoma alone, some experts suggest up to 24,000 nursing home abuse cases happen each year.  Victims, fearing retaliation from caretakers, will often not tell their loved ones about the abuse either.  So, if you suspect that abuse is happening to someone you know, take these steps:

  1. Speak with a nurse or the person in charge of the nursing staff.
  2. Ask to view the medical records of your loved one and take notes. Any injuries or medical issues should be in a list here.  Things you should expect to see are logs regarding bed sores and bruising, medication schedules, etc.  The treatment of these issues should also be a part of the logs.
  3. Review your notes and consider your instinct. If you still believe that nursing home abuse is happening, then consult an attorney.

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Nursing Home Abuse and Legal Repercussions

Oklahoma has the Nursing Home Care Act under Title 63.  It states that everyCreek County Nursing home abuse resident of the nursing home should be free from abuse and neglect.  This includes physical, emotional/mental, and sexual.  Any staff member who faces abuse charges automatically faces a misdemeanor.  These may include knowing of abuse and not reporting or stopping it.  As a result, it comes with up to one month imprisonment and fines reaching $300.  However, more injuries nursing home abuse crimes—like physically hitting, choking, or rape—will receive felony charges.  Moreover, the nursing home resident, in accordance with the law may file criminal and civil charges.  This could result in the nursing home paying damages and pain and suffering compensation to the victim.

Let Our Creek County Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys Help

Our Creek County nursing home abuse lawyers want to help you.  We all understand that nursing homes are not always where we want our loved ones to be.  However, finding out they suffer abuse during their stay is so much worse.  Let us fight for your rights and the rights of your family member.  Call our Injury Help Line in Sapulpa 918.209.3709. Get the legal advantage you need.