Nursing Home Negligence in Creek County

Failure to yield to emergency vehicle in Creek County

Recently, In Oklahoma, a woman died while in the care of a nursing home. The original injury occurred after staff dropped her during physical therapy. The nursing aides refused to believe the elderly woman when she claimed to have broken her femur bone during her therapy. Adding to the neglect caused in dropping her the Nursing Home failed to treat the broken femur for…

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Creek County Nursing Home Abuse and The Law

Nursing Home Negligence

Our Sapulpa injury attorneys have helped clients with Creek County Nursing Home Abuse cases. Nearly 1.4M people live in nursing homes across the United States.  As the Baby Boomer generation ages, this number will likely increase.  Further, hospitals and emergency rooms often receive patients with signs of physical and even sexual abuse from their nursing home facilities.  In nearly 30% of the cases where…

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