Fighting Breaking and Entering Charges in Creek County

Blind Plea In Creek County

Breaking and entering charges in Creek County  are one some the most common crimes in the county.  OBSI reports that over 375 incidents of it occurred here in 2015.  You may wonder why burglary crimes in Sapulpa are so common.  The offense is more easily committed than you probably realize.  If you go into a building with an ajar door, you have technically committed the crime of breaking and entering.  Read on to understand more about this crime and how we can help you.

What is “Breaking and Entering”:

Under Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1438 you can find the definition of breaking and entering.  To prove the crime, legal authorities must show your “intentional” or “willful” entering of a structure  without permission from the owner or dweller.  You must also have no plans to burglarize the structure or commit any other crimes once inside.  If law enforcement proves you are in the process of committing a crime when inside, you can be charged with burglary, which carries more strict penalties.Breaking and Entering Charges in Creek County

There are two types of breaking and entering.  The first type is “actual,” which includes cutting window screens, picking locks, and pushing open a door.  The second type is more sinister.  Thus it includes using fraud, blackmail, or other threats.  As a result, the law labels this as “constructive” breaking and entering.

Breaking and Entering Punishments:

Oklahoma classifies this
as a misdemeanor.  This can result in up to a one year prison sentence, and possibly fines up to $500.  Nobody wants to spend time in jail or pay costly fines.  Further, the social stigma of the criminal label may cause you issues.  Employment may be more difficult to find even though you have already served your time.

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Defending Breaking and Entering Charges in Creek County:

Our criminal defense attorneys defend Breaking and Entering Charges in Creek County. The Creek County criminal attorneys  at Kania law Office understand that a minor offense should not result in major consequences.  We have skill in defending clients who face charges on breaking and entering, and provide the best possible defense.  Our first consultation is free.  Read our Creek County law blog or call us and let us know how we can help.