Creek County Attorneys Discuss Step-Children in Inheritance

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Step-Children in inheritance Planning sometimes can cause people unforeseen problems. Not everyone prepares a will before their passing.  This leaves their estate subject to the intestate laws of Oklahoma.  Intestate means that the estate will travel through probate and follow certain rules of inheritance.  However, over 200,000 children are step-children in Oklahoma.  How the law addresses step-children in inheritance is different in intestate succession than adopted and biological children.  If you have a step-child you wish to include in your inheritance, this article will explain how.

Oklahoma Succession Laws and Step-children in Inheritance

The Oklahoma legislation has not made any definite laws regarding step-children in inheritance.  The intestate heirs laws of 84 O.S. § 213 are silent on the matter.  Therefore, while adopted and biological children may be part of the inheritance process, step-children are not.  So, if your estate goes into probate or into intestate status, your step-children will not inherit anything.

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Conversely, there are a few ways in which to ensure you include your step-children in inheritance.  You may use a legal will and testament which is nearly foolproof if you have an attorney draft it.  You may also use a trust.  Attorneys can also set up a trust for you that includes your step-children.  Finally, you may provide for your step-children through a holographic will.  Any of these options can significantly lower the chances of your estate going into intestate status and excluding your step-children.Step-children in inheritance

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If you want to include your step-children in inheritance let our attorneys help you do so.  We know the estate planning methods and how to navigate the proper channels to create an inheritance plan you can be comfortable with.   We know that step-children are an important part of the family.  Don’t let them be excluded due to you not having a will for them to be a part of.  Call 918.209.3709 our Sapulpa Estate Planning attorneys today for a free consultation.