Stalking Crimes in Creek County

Fake Protective Order

Stalking Crimes in Creek County are common and are sometimes filed as protective orders. Nearly 50% of all stalking victims face a stalker that was once an intimate partner. Unfortunately, this means that many victims share technology with their stalker at some point. As a result, the incidents of cyber stalking are increasing at a rapid rate. Take for example cell phones. These are with us nearly everywhere we go. However, many cell phones have GPS tracker capability. This means that the more technologically savvy stalkers can use this to follow your and be aware of your movements. Stalking is a serious crime. This article will explain more about the legal aspects of Stalking Crimes in Creek County.

Statutes about Stalking

Stalking offenses are under Title 21 §1173 of the Oklahoma Statutes. It is the willful, malicious, and repeated following or harassment of someone. Further, these acts must cause and reasonably have the ability to cause the victim to fear or feel intimidation. If a victim can show these elements, it is clear they have a case to charge the perpetrator with stalking.

Oklahoma Stalker Punishments

Stalking offenses start on the continuum as a misdemeanor crime. So, a first offense means you do not have any restraining or protective order againstStalking Crimes in Creek County you and that you have no prior convictions of the crime. In this case, you will face fines reaching $1,000 and a potential year in jail.

A second offense increases the penalties. This is especially true for those second offenses that occur within 10 years of a first offense, or that occur despite a restraining or protective order. These types of offenses can lead to a jail sentence of 5 to 10 years in prison. It can also result in fines up to $10,000.


Creek County Lawyers

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