Interfering With an Emergency Call

Interfering with an emergency call

Interfering with an Emergency call in Creek County is a misdemeanor crime. An example of the charge is a case where a Connecticut mother and son recently faced arrest on domestic dispute charges.  The mother discovered the son stealing items from the rooms of family members during a family gathering.  Upon this discovery she attempted to call 911.  The son—noticing her calling—threw a perfume bottle at her.  The bottle hit her in the head.  At this point the mother grabbed the son by the collar of his shirt and a fight ensued.  The son is now facing charges on domestic abuse and interfering with an emergency call.

Interfering with an Emergency Call and Oklahoma Laws

Any person who intentionally interrupts, disrupts, impedes or interferes with

Interfering with an emergency call an emergency telephone call or intentionally prevents or hinders another person from placing an emergency telephone call [is guilty].”- Title 21 §1211.1

The law generally finds that interfering with an emergency call happens in the midst of other crimes.  As a result, you can probably understand that interference must be on purpose.  You must want to keep the person from calling authorities.  The call does not necessarily have to be to 911.  It can be to any emergency authority: fire department, police department, ambulance services.

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Once the person begins to place the call, if you impede this in any way you are subject to charges.  So if the person is dialing and you take their phone, you are subject to charges.  Similarly, if a person is on the phone and you force them to hang up by breaking their phone or knocking it from their hands, then you are subject to charges.

Interference with Emergency Calls—Fines and Charges

By statute, Oklahoma labels interfering with an emergency call is a misdemeanor.  You will face potential jail time of up to one year and fines.  These fines may reach upwards of $3,000.  This does not include legal fees and court costs. Depending if other charges are involved, if found guilty you could receive a deferred or suspended sentence.

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