Homicide Charges in Creek County

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Homicide Charges in Creek County are some of the more serious crimes and could land someone in prison. Of the over 17,600 violent crimes in Oklahoma during 2017, over 240 of them were a homicide.  This is above the average national rates per state.  As a result, more people are facing charges on this crime and awaiting trial or sentencing.  This article will explain more about homicide and how it affects those facing it.

Homicide under Oklahoma Statutes

Homicide Charges in Creek County are controlled by Oklahoma statutes that provide a very simple definition for this crime: Homicide is the killing of one human being by another.21 O.S. 691(A).  However, this is not a comprehensive definition.  There are several categories under it.  These are: (1) first-degree murder, (2) second-degree murder, (3) manslaughter, (4) justifiable homicide, and (5) excusable killing.  Justifiable or excusable have a special set of rules.  They must not be a complete over-reaction to the situation or you will have used “excessive force” in the killing and it is no longer justifiable or excusable.

Punishments for Homicide in Oklahoma

The punishments are dependent upon which category they fall under.  So, you are facing punishments ranging anywhere from the death penalty to noHomicide Charges in Creek County jail time at all.  This is possibly the largest range of penalties available to any crime.

(1) First-Degree Murder:  This is the most severe of all the categories.  You are facing the death penalty and/or life imprisonment without parole if receiving a conviction.

(2) Second-Degree Murder:  This is still a felony crime, but you are no longer facing the death penalty.  However, you still face life imprisonment with a minimum of 10 years in jail.

(3) Manslaughter:  These crimes also vary by degrees, like homicide.  However, the range of prison time is 2 to 4 years minimum and possible fines of $1,000.  You may also be responsible for reparations to the victim’s family.

(4) Justifiable:  No prison time or fines.

(5) Excusable:  No prison time or fines.

Creek County Criminal Attorneys

As you can see from the explanations of the crimes given above the crime and how its charged depend on a whole group of factors. Many times the State will over charge a case so that they get more leverage over the accused. The false belief is that just because the Government says its one degree of manslaughter it must therefor be. Dont go it alone. Get the legal advantage you need to fight against Homicide Charges in Creek County.