Harboring a Fugitive in Creek County

harboring a fugitive

Harboring a Fugitive in Creek County is a common crime. It’s an obvious thought to many people that helping a loved one or family member run from the law is a normal reaction.  Unfortunately, this is also against the law.  Take for instance the recent story from Morganton, NC.  A man left a gas station without paying for his gas.  The station attendant described the offender to police, who then saw the suspect fleeing.  After a short chase to the suspect’s girlfriend’s house, the police apprehended the suspect hiding in a dryer.  The girlfriend, who claimed to not know of the suspect at all, is now facing charges on harboring a fugitive.

Proving Harboring a Fugitive

The State must prove certain elements in order to charge and convict aharboring a fugitive person with harboring a fugitive.  These are under Title 21 §440(A).

  1. You must conceal a person.
  2. This person must be a felon, outlaw, or someone trying to escape punishment.
  3. You must aid this person. (i.e. giving them money, lying about their whereabouts, giving food or money or weapons)
  4. These actions must be in an attempt to escape law enforcement.

Punishments for Harboring a Fugitive

Oklahoma law looks on harboring fugitives in a harsh manner.  In fact, depending on how complicit you are in harboring a fugitive from the law, you may face up to 10 years imprisonment.  This doesn’t mean you are harboring someone who has actually committed a crime.  It means you are harboring someone who is suspected of committing a crime.


It is important to note that harboring a fugitive who is a minor can result in the same consequences.  The age of the fugitive does not matter.  The only important part is that you are helping someone escape from potential legal punishment.  Thus, if your child is suspected of committing a crime, then you must allow them to face legal authorities.

Creek County Lawyers

Our criminal defense lawyers understand that harboring a fugitive is sometimes a knee-jerk reaction.  You want to protect those you love.  Let us defend you and make sure you can tell your side of the story.  Our first consultation is free. Call us today.