Expungement of Juvenile Records in Creek County

Expunging Criminal Records

The expungement of juvenile records is much the same as sealing an adult criminal record in Creek County. Nationally, over 10% of violent crimes in the nation are perpetrated by minors and people under the age of 18.  Further, in the state of Oklahoma, a 2015 OSBI report shows that 13,500 juvenile arrests occurred for that year.  Many youth make mistakes early in life.  This shouldn’t be something that haunts you or someone you love long into their adult life.  There are legal solutions to this, like an expungement of juvenile records.

Expungement of Juvenile Records Oklahoma Law

Title 10A provides for expungement of juvenile records under § 2-6-109.  This statute is particularly for any juvenile record that is not confidential.  An expungement can remove the action from your record.  This means that the basic identifying information will also seal.

In order to get an expungement of juvenile records you must:

  1. Be over 21 years old;
  2. Have no other crimes on your adult record (excluding traffic tickets);
  3. Completely pay all court costs and fines regarding the charge you want to expunge; and
  4. Have no further criminal convictions.

Expungement Process

Expungement is a fairly step-by-step process.  You must begin with filing a petition.  A court date will be set after the appropriate offices receive the petition.  This date will set and within 30 days the DA’s office, OSBI, and the Office of Juvenile Affairs will receive notice.  The court will balance the harm to you with the need for the public to be aware of your criminal history.  If it is more harmful to you than helpful to the public, the court will grant an expungement.

If the court grants you an expungement, you no longer have to include the record on any application.  Further, the record will seal.  If neither you nor any other agency requires it to be unsealed, the State will obliterate it after 10 years.  This will leave no trace whatsoever of the record ever existing.


Creek County Attorneys Want to Help

Everyone makes bad decisions in their youth, it’s part of being young.  Don’t let your youthful indiscretions continue to hinder you as an adult.  Let us walk you through the expungement process.  Free consultation.