Creek County Possession of Child Pornography Laws Explained

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Creek County Possession of Child Pornography Laws are complex and carry heavy consequences for those convicted of the crime. In 2016, a British man received a payout from UK police due to false accusations of him engaging in possession of child pornography.  When the charge came against him, the man was working in Abu Dhabi at a well-paying job with a good reputation.  After the false allegations, the man lost his job, his friends, and spent his fortune fighting the charges.  Eventually, it came to light that an officer had lied about a crucial part of the investigation—which changed everything.  False accusations of Creek County possession of child pornography laws can and will devastate a person’s life.  If you face these charges, this article will explain the laws and possible punishments.

Creek County Possession of Child Pornography Laws

  1. Federal Child Pornography Laws:

Under 18 U.S.C. §2256(8), you can find the statutory language regarding child pornography in the US.  It is:

“ any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where—

(A) the production of such visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct;

(B) such visual depiction is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct;

(C) such visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

(D) such visual depiction is advertised, promoted, presented, described, or distributed in such a manner that conveys the impression that the material is or contains a visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct”

All in all, this law basically says if you are in possession of any type of video or image of a child depicting sexual acts you could be subject to possession of child pornography penalties.

  1. Oklahoma Child Porn Laws:

Under 21 O.S. 1024.1(A), you will find the laws regarding possession of child pornography that are specific to Oklahoma.  This states:

child pornography means and includes any visual depiction or individual image stored or contained in any format on any medium including, but not limited to, film, motion picture, videotape, photograph, negative, undeveloped film, slide, photographic product, reproduction of a photographic product, play or performance wherein a minor under the age of eighteen years is engaged in any act with a person…”

It is fair to say that Oklahoma law and Federal law are relative mirrors of each other.  Both laws prohibit possession of child porn and both carry penalties that are extremely harsh.


Possession of Child Pornography and the Legal Consequeces

Federal laws basically require imprisonment for anyone engaging in possession or distribution of child pornography.  The sentence can range anywhere from 5 years to 40 years.  It is dependent upon the amount of images you have in your possession and if you have had any previous sexual misconduct.  If you do have prior sexual offense, you will be looking at a minimum sentence of 15 years.Creek County possession of child pornography laws

Oklahoma punishes possession of child pornography differently.  You will face a maximum of 20 years imprisonment and fines.  These fines my reach up to $25,000.  But, if you are in possession of over 100 images, then you face aggravated possession of child pornography charges.  These are must more severe.  For instance, you could be facing a life sentence and fines up to $10,000.  It is also mandatory that you register on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry.

Accused of Creek County Possession of Child Pornography Laws

With years of experience in the legal field, our attorneys understand the gravity of charges on possession of child pornography.  We further realize that sometimes the charges are not true.  They can be a weapon in custody cases or divorce suits.  If you are facing possession of child pornography charges call our offices today.  Call 918.209.3709 Your first consultation is free.