Creek County Larceny from a Retailer Attorneys

Creek County Larceny from a Retailer

In Creek County Larceny from a Retailer is usually charged as a misdemeanor. Petty theft, also known as larceny or shoplifting, is a major issue in Oklahoma and also in Creek County.  Statistics from 2015 show close to 800 reports of larceny from retailers in Creek County alone.  This is over 50% of all reported crimes in Creek County for the year.  Some of the most common things stolen include electronics.  However, clothes and kitchen items are often stolen as well.  If you are facing charges of larceny from a retailer or shoplifting let us help. Read on to understand more and how we can be on your side if you’ve been charged with Creek County larceny from a retailer.

Punishments for Creek County Larceny From a Retailer

You can find the Oklahoma law for Creek County larceny from a retailer under Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1704.  The District attorney must prove certain things in order to charge you with shoplifting.  These include (1) taking an item from a person or store (2) with no intentions to pay for or return it.  If the item is less than $500, then the theft is considered petty larceny.  But, if the item is over $1,000 in value, then the charges raise to grand larceny.Creek County Larceny from a Retailer

Oklahoma laws consider petty theft a misdemeanor.  This comes with a jail sentence up to six months and possible fines from $10 to $500.  Further, nobody wants to have the label and social stigma of being a criminal or have a criminal record.  This could cause problems in employment and certain professional licensing.   For example, many retailers will not hire someone with a record of larceny or petty theft.  Often this disqualifies you from seasonal hours at department stores and other businesses.

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Shoplifting and Petty Theft Attorneys in Sapulpa

Kania Law criminal defense attorneys understand that having any charges on your record can be problematic in many ways.   We want to help ensure that a mistake doesn’t keep you from moving forward in life.   Further, we know how to provide a competent and worthy defense specialized to the criminal charges you face in Creek County.