Marriage Visa Explained by an Attorney

Marriage Visa

Annually, the US provides close to 500,000 visas for immigrants.  This can be for employment, student work, or in some cases marriages.  While the amount of people receiving a marriage visa is relatively small—only about 6% of yearly visas are marriage visas—they are still important for couples wishing to marry in which one spouse is international.  The process take time, but does not have to be difficult.  Let us summarize it for you.

Eligibility for Marriage Visa

Many couples in which one partner is not an American citizen wish to marry in the US.  This can occur if the couple meets certain requirements.  Marriage VisaThese are:

– Having a valid passport and passport photos

– Providing birth certificates

– Listing the addresses where the non-American partner has lived since the age of 16

– Undergoing a medical exam

– Proof that the parties intend to marry

– A showing that the parties met in person within the 2 years prior to applying

– Proof of adequate financial support (the non-citizen may not go on government support within 10 years of entering the US)

– If there are prior marriages, death certificates or valid divorce certificates to prove that the marriages are no longer an obstacle.

Process of Approval

When the couple decides to apply for the K-1 marriage visa, they must go through a series of steps.  To begin, they will file a Form I-129F.  This is a Petition for a Relative of Fiancé(e).  The USCIS (US Center for Immigration Services) will either approve or deny this request.

If approving the Form I-129F, the USCIS will notify the US Embassy of the non-American partner’s country.  The non-citizen, must then go to  the embassy and apply for the marriage visa.  They will need to provide the above listed documents and pay a processing fee to do this.

Next, is the waiting game.  An American Consulate Officer will contact the applicant and set up an interview.  This interview is the final step in determining if you will receive approval for the K-1 visa.  If approved, a marriage ceremony must take place within 90 days of the non-citizen partner entering the US.


Creek County Immigration Attorneys

We have had the pleasure of helping several couples apply for and receive their marriage visa.  Our Sapulpa attorneys know the process and understand that it is a life-changing experience for you.  Let us help you simplify the process.  Call us today for a free consultation.