Creek County Dog Bite Attorneys Discuss Liability

Creek County Dog Bite Attorneys

Our Creek County Dog Bite Attorneys can help you understand liability for dog bites in Oklahoma. Approximately 69M people in the United States own dogs.  Dog owners make up about half of all Oklahoman’s.  Whether fenced or roaming, we all love dogs.  This sometimes creates the potential for dog bites even if the dog is calm and obedient to its owner.  Oklahoma generally follows the rule of strict liability when it comes to dog bites in Creek County.  Strict liability makes the owner liable for the dog’s actions, regardless if the owner feels the dog acted appropriately in the situation.  However, an exception to dog bite liability
exists that could limit the law of strict liability for dog bites and other animal attacks in Oklahoma.

Exception to Strict Dog Bite Liability Laws:

Oklahoma’s exception to the strict liability of dog bites lies in 4 Okl.St.Ann. §42.3.  It states that when the law is considering strict liability on dog bites it excludes incidents in “…rural areas of this state or […] any cities or town that do not have city or village United States mail delivery service.”  Therefore, if you live in the country, or in a town that has no post office of its own, you are immune to strict dog bite liability if your dog bites someone. If this is the case you may still be able to recover for your injuries but in this case we must show that the dogs owner acted negligently.Creek County Dog Bite Attorneys

How do you know if this exception applies to the dog owner whose dog bit you?  Take for example your unfenced, unleashed dog.  Is the dog owners house outside city limits?  Does your town share a post office with any neighboring towns?  Do you live outside a housing addition?  If so, this exception likely applies to you and your dog.

What You Are Entitled to if You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog:

In the event that you’ve been injured in a dog bite case and the owner is negligent you are entitled to certain damages. This includes having all of your medical bills paid. Medical bills include any plastic surgery that may be required along with all other treatment that youve recived. Depending on the impact of the animal attack you may also be entitled to psychological counseling as well as compensation for pain and suffering

Our Creek County Dog Bit Attorneys Can Help You:

If you’ve been injured from a dog bite or any animal attack our Creek County dog bite attorneys can help you. Each year innocent people in Oklahoma are attacked by animals including dogs. The attacks often sometimes cause serious damage that leaves the victim with both physical and psychological injuries. If this is you or a family member we can help you. As in all personal injury cases we never charge you a thing unless we get you the money and medical treatment that you deserve. Call our Creek County dog bite attorneys today for a free consultation or .