Defending Against Creek County Child Abuse Charges

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Creek County Child Abuse Charges are filed when the District attorney feels that a child  has suffered from neglect or abuse. DHS reports show that Oklahoma ranks 8th in the nation for instances of child abuse and neglect.  Of 232 reported cases of child abuse from 2015 to 2016, 220 of these cases were the result of drug or alcohol addiction.  The numbers in Oklahoma continue to rise.  A couple just received 20 year sentences for child abuse of their 5 year old son after a hospital reported his injuries: broken bones, malnourished, skin lesions, and bruising.  Another Oklahoma couple is facing murder charges regarding their missing nephew from 2015.  There has not been recovery of the boy’s body yet.

Creek County Child Abuse Charges and State Laws

Oklahoma provides the statutes for child abuse under Title 10A.  The definitions are under § 1-1-105.

  1. Abuse: This is the harm or the threat of harm to a child’s health, safety, or welfare from a person who is responsible for the safe keeping of the child. This can include parents, relatives, guardians, or childcare workers.
  2. Harm: The harm to a child is purposeful.  This means that if the injuries are the result of an accident, then you are not meeting the elements for child abuse.  However, if the harm is purposeful and the offender knows the child is facing injures, then the actions are abuse.  Further, anyone witnessing the abuse and allowing it to continue is an accessory to child abuse.


 Child Abuse and the Penalties

Creek County Child Abuse ChargesThe law takes child abuse very seriously. It will first remove the child from the situation and put him or her into protective custody of a guardian or of the State.  Next, the State will charge you with a felony.  Felony child abuse can result in fines up to $5,000 and imprisonment from 1 year to life.  Further, you will be required to pay for any medical, therapeutic, or counseling expenses for the victim.

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As you can see Creek County child abuse charges are extremely serious.  Unfortunately, spiteful exes and separating spouses will often use child abuse and child neglect charges as a tool to win custody.  If you are facing bogus charges, call our offices.  Your first consultation is free.  Don’t go through this process alone. It is best to have counsel representing you.