Burn Injuries at Work in Creek County

burn injuries

In August of 2017, three men suffered serious burn injuries in a Canadian car wash.  Two of the men are in life threatening condition, while the other is critical but expected to live.  The three men, employees of a car wash, were handling a flammable tire cleaner near an open flame.  The chemicals exploded and engulfed the men in flames.  Other employees hearing and seeing the explosion, called for emergency services.  The men will have several months of recovery ahead of them.  In the United States, burn injuries like these from the workplace are compensable under Workers’ Compensation.  This article will explain more.

Burn Injuries and Recovery in Oklahoma

At work Burn injuries, under certain circumstances, are eligible to be covered under Workers’ Compensation.  Often burns will take weeks and months to fully heal.  As a result, you will likely spend a lot of time unable to work and earn a living while trying to recover.  Workers’ Compensation is an option for you regarding your burn injuries if:

  1. You are an employee;
  2. Who suffers burns (fire, electrical, chemical, etc.);
  3. While you are working in your regular employment;
  4. Performing your regular duties; and
  5. Your injury will or does result in the inability to perform in your current position.

Once you suffer burn injuries, you must report it to your employer.  Also, you may want to consider the services of a lawyer at this time to ensure the company is filing the claims to the Workers’ Comp Commission in a timely and proper manner.  Your claim is eligible for payment of 100% of the medical bills for the injury, plus a settlement and any other lost wages.


Creek County Work Injury Attorneys

Our injury attorneys have years of experience navigating through the Workers’ Comp system.  We understand the need for reimbursement and healing.  If you face burn injuries at your job, call our offices today.  We offer a free consultation to get started.