Assault on a Police Officer in Creek County

Assault on a Police Officer

Committing Assault on a Police Officer in Creek County is a felony.  It’s important though to note that “police officer” may encompass several types of authorities.  For example, sheriffs, corrections officers, game wardens, and more are all under the “police officer” umbrella.  This article will explain assault and battery on a police officer and the legal ramifications of a conviction. Assault and Battery on…

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Creek County Aggravated Assault and Battery Explained

In January of 2017, Mayes County officials arrested a nursing home care taker for 17 counts of abuse and a count of aggravated assault and battery.  The arrest occurred after the care taker and a resident got into a physical fight.  As a result, the resident had a bite mark on her nose from the altercation.  After extensive interviews, the police said all 18…

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