Peeping Tom Charges in Creek County

Blind Plea In Creek County

Peeping Tom charges in Creek County are more common than people think.  With the advent of photographic technology on smart devices, criminals are even more equipped.  Take for instance the Owasso 7th grade teacher who resigned his position.  The resignation occurred after facing accusations of taking up-skirt photos of a 14 year-old student in his classroom.  The former teacher uploaded several of these pictures on his computer where they were discovered and reported to the police.  This is one of several ways a person can be a peeping Tom.  The following explains what a peeping Tom is and how the criminal lawyers handles it.

Elements of Peeping Tom Charges

The State has the burden of proof on peeping tom crimes.  Okla. Stat. tit. 21 §1171 identifies the elements:

  1. The offender must hide, wait, or loiter;
  2. around a private residence or where a person expects privacy;
  3. while intending;
  4. to view or see the occupant or victim;
  5. secretly.

Basically, if you are looking at or photo/videoing any person who is in a private place without their consent you can face these charges.  This may include taking public photos of a person’s up-skirt view, or peeping in dressing rooms as well.

Legal Penalties for Peeping Toms

Oklahoma classifies peeping tom offenses as misdemeanors.  This usually comes with sentence of imprisonment reaching a full year.  Fines may also be a part of the penalty.  Oklahoma allows fines to reach $5,000 depending on the severity of the charges.

However, if a person faces conviction on peeping tom charges using any type of video or photo equipment, then charges increase to a felony.  This increases possible prison time to 5 years. If the charge ends in a felony conviction this impacts the expungement process and as a result remains on your criminal record for an extended period.

Creek County Criminal Defense

Penalties for peeping tom charges in Creek County are stringent.  We understand that all stories have two sides.  If you face such charges, we can help.  Avoiding a misdemeanor on your record is important, but avoiding a felony is even more vital.  The Kania Law Office Creek County Attorneys are ready to listen to you and help you form a plan.