Domestic Abuse Charges in Wagoner

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month.  It advocates using the color purple.  Approximately 25% of women over 18 are the victims of domestic violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime.  Oklahoma ranks 4th in the nation for fatalities in domestic violence situations.  As a result, the hashtag #purplethursdays is beginning to circulate on social media.  This is a just cause.  However, sometimes allegations are a weapon used by a vengeful ex or a spouse in a custody battle.  False allegations of domestic abuse can be as damaging as actual abuse.

Domestic Abuse Definition

To define domestic abuse in Oklahoma, you must look under Title 21 § 644(c).  This basically says that assault and battery against anyone in any of these particular groups is domestic abuse:

  1. Former or Current Spouse
  2. Spouse of your ex-Spouse
  3. Any Family Member
  4. Children or the Elderly
  5. Any Romantic Partner
  6. Roommates
  7. Anyone with whom you share a child

As you can see, assault and battery against anyone you share a personal and intimate relationship with is domestic abuse.  This includes former relationships of the same manner.  The punishments will vary depending on how violent the abuse is.

Domestic Abuse Consequences

Domestic abuse is a crime in Oklahoma.  For a first offense you are subject to misdemeanor charges.  These entail possible prison time reaching a year.  Sometimes fines will also follow.  These may reach up to $5,000.  Second offenses are felonies.  Felonies are the most severe crimes.  They subject you to prison sentences of possibly four years and fines reaching $5,000.  Plus, felony crimes remain on your record.  They will disqualify you from certain employment opportunities and sometimes professional licenses to advance your career.  You will have to undergo an expungement to remove the felony from your public background.  Further, anyone with any history of violence will have extreme difficulty prevailing in a custody battle.

Our Attorneys Can Help

We understand the gravity of a domestic violence charge.  This is especially true for false allegations in custody battles.  Don’t let an accusation ruin your future and your ability to share custody of your children.  We will fight for your rights and defend you against these charges.  Call our offices today.  Your first consultation is free.