Malicious Injury to Property Explained

Malicious Injury to Property

Malicious Injury to Property in Creek County is either a felony or a misdemeanor. In the fall of 2016, Oklahoma passed two state questions:  SQ 780 and SQ 781.  First, SQ 780 reclassified simple drug possession and property crimes to misdemeanors instead of felonies.  Consequently, SQ 781 requires the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) to use actual data to calculate savings […]

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Attorney Explains Second Degree Murder

second degree murder

In November of 2016, a 19 year old woman received a conviction of second degree murder.  She was with two accomplices during a botched robbery. The three offenders were going to rob and steal a vehicle from another teen.  However, in the process of these felony crimes, the victim was killed.  This offense is a second degree murder charge.  However, you may wonder why?  […]

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Homicide Charges in Creek County

Obtaining Prescriptions by fraud

Homicide Charges in Creek County are some of the more serious crimes and could land someone in prison. Of the over 17,600 violent crimes in Oklahoma during 2017, over 240 of them were a homicide.  This is above the average national rates per state.  As a result, more people are facing charges on this crime and awaiting trial or sentencing.  This article will explain […]

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Creek County Possession of Child Pornography Laws Explained

Creek County Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Creek County Possession of Child Pornography Laws are complex and carry heavy consequences for those convicted of the crime. In 2016, a British man received a payout from UK police due to false accusations of him engaging in possession of child pornography.  When the charge came against him, the man was working in Abu Dhabi at a well-paying job with a good reputation.  After […]

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Creek County Larceny from a Retailer Attorneys

Creek County Larceny from a Retailer

In Creek County Larceny from a Retailer is usually charged as a misdemeanor. Petty theft, also known as larceny or shoplifting, is a major issue in Oklahoma and also in Creek County.  Statistics from 2015 show close to 800 reports of larceny from retailers in Creek County alone.  This is over 50% of all reported crimes in Creek County for the year.  Some of […]

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Fighting Firearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County

Reckless Handling of Firearms in Creek County

Firearm Possession after a Felony Conviction Creek County is a crime that could land you in jail. Oklahoma supports the right of gun and firearm possession.  It even has state constitutional provisions that address this issue.  Article 2, § 26 sets out the right to bear arms and that this right “shall never be prohibited.”  However, the provision goes on to give the legislature […]

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Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines in Creek County

Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines

Failure to Pay Court Costs and Fines in connection with a criminal case can land you in jail.  In the world of court costs and fines, the term “revolving door” is familiar to many people.  It goes like this:  You receive a speeding ticket, or worse you go to jail and receive a hefty fine.  While you may not or no longer be in […]

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Creek County DUI Attorneys

Creek County DUI attorneys

If you’ve been Arrested in Oklahoma our Creek County DUI Attorneys can help. In 2016, the Oklahoma case Sample v. Dep’t. of Public Safety created a precedent to invalidate breathalyzer tests in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases.  The decision that Oklahoma’s breathalyzer test rules are not valid for use in courts allowed many drivers to reinstate their licenses after DUI convictions.  This is […]

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Transporting an Open Container in Creek County

transporting an open container

Transporting an Open Container in Creek County is a misdemeanor crime. In the Lookingbill v. State case of 2007 the appellate court reviewed many charges against Robert Lookingbill.  Of these charges, one was the transporting of an open container.  Troopers who were conducting a traffic checkpoint discovered an open 12-oz bottle of beer sitting on the console of Lookingbill’s truck upon his stopping.  While […]

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