Creek County Burglary Charges Explained

Creek County Burglary Charges

Creek County Burglary Charges are divided by degrees and are different depending on the degree. Some people simply see burglary as a singular crime.  This isn’t true.  Depending on the degree, whether it’s first or second, you could face a vastly different prison sentence.  In fact, between the two levels of burglary is a difference of 13 years potential prison time.  Thus, it’s important…

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Second Degree Burglary in Creek County

Second Degree Burglary

Second Degree Burglary in Creek County is a serious charge. If convicted you could spend time in jail or have a criminal record. The prosecutors in Creek County have a special focus on this kind of crime.  In September of 2017, two people were arrested on Second Degree Burglary charges.  They were in the home of a Tulsa man who has security cameras set…

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