Moving a Child After Creek County Custody Order

Moving a Child After Creek County Custody

Moving a Child After Creek County Custody order is in place isn’t always simple. After a divorce or paternity case occurs a parent will often have opportunities that require them to leave the state.  Where does this leave custody agreements?  Relocating with a child after a divorce or paternity determination can be a tricky process.  The court will consider several different factors when looking…

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Nursing Home Negligence in Creek County

Nursing Home Negligence

Recently, In Oklahoma, a woman died while in the care of a nursing home. The original injury occurred after staff dropped her during physical therapy. The nursing aides refused to believe the elderly woman when she claimed to have broken her femur bone during her therapy. Adding to the neglect caused in dropping her the Nursing Home failed to treat the broken femur for…

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Malicious Injury to Property Explained

Malicious Injury to Property

Malicious Injury to Property in Creek County is either a felony or a misdemeanor. In the fall of 2016, Oklahoma passed two state questions:  SQ 780 and SQ 781.  First, SQ 780 reclassified simple drug possession and property crimes to misdemeanors instead of felonies.  Consequently, SQ 781 requires the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) to use actual data to calculate savings…

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Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle

Second Degree Burglary

Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle is usually more of a misunderstanding then a crime. Oklahoma has laws regarding the use of motorcycles.  However, you may not expect that unauthorized use of a motorcycle is a law.  First, the typical two-wheel motor bike is a motorcycle.  But, three-wheel motor vehicles, and motor bikes with 150 cubic cm engines are also motorcycles.  Therefore, scooters and three-wheelers…

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Sapulpa Expungement Attorneys

apulpa Expungement Attorneys

Our Sapulpa expungement attorneys can help you get your criminal record sealed. Expungements can remove or “seal” past offenses on your criminal record if you are eligible. Having a past charge or conviction available for the public eye can impose a multitude of burdens in your life when it comes to looking for a job, buying or renting a house, or simply keeping the…

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Child Support Calculation in Oklahoma

Child Support Calculation

Our clients going through custody battles and divorces involving children, commonly ask us about child support and how it calculates.  Child support calculation depends on a number of factors.  This article will walk through the basic process of child support calculation or child support modification and how it will affect you. Oklahoma Child Support Laws The Oklahoma Statutes governing child support are under Title…

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Burn Injuries at Work in Creek County

burn injuries

In August of 2017, three men suffered serious burn injuries in a Canadian car wash.  Two of the men are in life threatening condition, while the other is critical but expected to live.  The three men, employees of a car wash, were handling a flammable tire cleaner near an open flame.  The chemicals exploded and engulfed the men in flames.  Other employees hearing and…

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Attorney Explains Second Degree Murder

second degree murder

In November of 2016, a 19 year old woman received a conviction of second degree murder.  She was with two accomplices during a botched robbery. The three offenders were going to rob and steal a vehicle from another teen.  However, in the process of these felony crimes, the victim was killed.  This offense is a second degree murder charge.  However, you may wonder why? …

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Marriage Visa Explained by an Attorney

Marriage Visa

Annually, the US provides close to 500,000 visas for immigrants.  This can be for employment, student work, or in some cases marriages.  While the amount of people receiving a marriage visa is relatively small—only about 6% of yearly visas are marriage visas—they are still important for couples wishing to marry in which one spouse is international.  The process take time, but does not have…

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Possession of Prescription Drugs

Possession of Prescription Drugs

Some news outlets have been discussing “The Opioid Epidemic” lately.  This is a broad reference to the use of and illegal possession of prescription drugs.  A 2016 Oklahoma Watch report lists prescription drug abuse as a leading contributor to 59% of overdoses in the state.  This means that prescription drugs like Hydrocodone, Xanax, etc. are opiates contributing to drug abuse and on occasion death….

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